sandwich platters

Our platters come with half sandwiches.  To ensure the last person in line gets their fill, we recommend ordering 1 & 1/2 half sandwiches per person.

caesar club$5.00 per
tomato basil mozzarella $4.50 per
with chicken$5.00 per
roast turkey, cranberry chutney, cheddar contains walnuts $5.00 per
ham and swiss$5.00 per
chicken cranberry wrap
contains almonds
$5.00 per
new moon club$5.00 per
vegan Mediterranean wrap$4.50 per
vegan club$5.00 per

seasonal soups

Ask about our house-made soups!
serves 4 people


whole quiche, house made

we can customize!

bacon & vermont cheddar
roasted tomato & goat cheese
tomato & mozzarella
three cheese
mushroom & onion

Serves 8 people – $27

sweet selections

minimum 5 people
an assortment of new moon favorites
$2.65 / person
fresh fruit kebabs selection of seasonal fruit on individual skewers$24 / dozen
Bars assorted New Moon bars$3.25 / person

new moon salads

Our Catering Salads are large, self-serve takes on our in house salads that serve multiple people. serves 6-8 people

romaine, parmesan reggiano, toasted croutons, cracked black pepper, caesar dressing
with chicken$42.95
romaine, hard boiled egg, bacon, avocado, red onion, cherry tomato, corn, blue cheese crumbles, blue cheese dressing
baby kale
baby kale, roasted beets, pickled onions, quinoa, sunflower seeds, goat cheese, house vinaigrette
spinach, slow-roasted salmon, artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes, walnuts with sesame vinaigrette
spinach with crispy apples, roasted sweet potatoes, candied pecans and scallions with lemon vinaigrette

great party salads

minimum 3 pounds

maple sesame noodles
maple sesame noodles with carrots & savoy cabbage
$8.95 / pound
southwest quinoa salad
Quinoa, corn, black beans, cherry tomato, lime & cilantro
$9.95 / pound
curried chicken salad
with golden raisins
$12.95 / pound
chunky guacamole salad
avocados, yellow peppers, tomatoes, black beans & lime
$11.95 / pound
szechuan noodles
spicy sesame peanut noodles
$8.95 / pound
greek pasta salad
Sun-dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, artichokes & feta
$9.75 / pound
creamy potato salad
baby red potatoes, bacon, fresh herbs
$9.95 / pound
wild rice & fresh fruit salad
wild rice, oranges, grapes, dried cranberries, pecans, raspberry vinaigrette
$9.95 / pound
beets & vermont goat cheese with fresh dill
tossed in a balsamic and lemon dressing
$11.95 / pound

the breakfast meeting

delivery charges apply

minimum 5 people
a variety of our favorite muffins and scones. one baked selection per person.
$3.25 / person
bagels & organic cream cheese
minimum 1 dozen
house made cream cheese spreads, savory or sweet
$2.95 / person
coffee break
minimum 5 people
an assortment of homemade muffins and scones. (gluten free scones available, please specify). served with new moon coffee including all condiments.
$6.00 / person
yogurt parfait
organic yogurt, homemade granola & seasonal fresh fruit
$5.95 / person
golden milk chia "yogurt"
golden milk, seasonal fruit, chia, toasted almond/coconut
$6.50 / person
fresh fruit saladsmall (10-15) $44
large (20-25) $88
personal quiche
assorted mini quiche in personal pie tins
$40 / dozen
new moon coffee including all condiments
30 people - $47
45 people - $65
60 people - $88


minimum 5 people

tzatziki, cucumbers, kalamata olives, feta, cherry tomatoes, dates, hummus, & pita chips
small (10-15)
large (20-25)
cheese, crackers & grapes
assorted cheeses, crackers & red grapes
small (10-15)
large (20-25)
vegetable crudités
fresh seasonal vegetables with choice of bleu cheese dip or hummus
small (10-15)
large (20-25)
sliced meat & cheese platter
sliced turkey, ham, cheddar and swiss with assorted bread and choice of two spreads

hors d'oeuvres

In House Only

tomato, fresh basil, shallots & garlic on crostini
$17 / dozen
artichoke, roasted red peppers, tapenade on crostini
$18 / dozen
caprese crostini
tomato, basil, & mozzarella on balsamic drizzled crostini
$19 / dozen
sun-dried tomato mousse
goat cheese sun-dried tomato mousse stuffed cucumbers
$18 / dozen
cranberry topped brie
brie & cranberry chutney on crostini
$21 / dozen