New Moon is joining the juicing revolution with a new, organic, ultra-green juice bar.

Our juices are made with all organic ingredients. The kale and mint are grown in our local greenhouses most of the year. In season, we also grow our own carrots and beets.  Other organic ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible.

Juicing advocates (and even some scientific studies) point to many benefits from drinking raw juice: clearer skin, lower blood pressure, improved immunity, heightened energy and weight loss. People with IBS often find fresh raw juice easier to digest than certain high-fiber fruits and vegetables.

If you never quite manage to consume the huge quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables recommended by the FDA, raw juice can help you make up the difference.  And juicing, unlike cooking, does not destroy micronutrients.

Raw juice will be available all day at New Moon.  Choose one of our staff-tested recipes. Or be creative and invent your own adventurous combinations.

Our veggie ingredients currently include carrots, beets, spinach, celery and kale.  Fruits include apples, lemons, limes with more coming!  Ingredients for extra zing include ginger and mint.