We desire to create a life giving atmosphere in which to enjoy creative eating and authentic espresso. So, what do we mean by that?

‘creative eating’ is the way we designed our line set up. We designed it so that you could create your own salad or sandwich. Now, we know that not everyone likes to think abstractly and create their own food. Some people just want a list… so we collected some of our favorite recipes and created a menu for you to choose from. Our recipes or yours… It’s creative!

‘authentic espresso’ is about the way we approach our espresso bar. From the supplier we use (www.briocoffee.com) to the methods we train, we want you to have an amazing experience.

And that all starts with the bean selection and the roast profiles of our New Moon & Espresso Blends. We combine that with a rotation of single origin coffees, and you have some of the cities finest coffee. We then take our baristas through a training process to ensure that our hand crafted beverages are as excellent as they are authentic. From the preciseness of each shot (21 grams, double tamped, pulled for 26-30 seconds) to the steaming of the milk, we strive to deliver the perfect beverage every time.

so we invite you to

sip. savor. stay.